Summary points:

  • The price of water is misaligned to its value, stifling innovation
  • Views diverge on whether a product- or a service-based model is best for innovators to pursue
  • Water innovators can avoid pitfalls by learning from experiences in other sectors

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On September 23-24, 2014, representatives from industry, utilities, start-ups, the venture community and more gathered in Berkeley, California to discuss current trends and new approaches in water innovation.

Water, a precious natural resource, is also a key commodity input for many industries. Conversation around water thus attracts diverse stakeholders; a point made abundantly clear by the diversity of names and viewpoints represented in the room.

The rich, two-day discussion yielded several important themes, born out of both consensus views and even moments of tension, regarding the way forward for water innovators and their partners. This white paper is offered as a distillation of those themes.

Water White Paper:

A Discussion on Innovation in Water Amidst Drought Conditions

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