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The full-day New Utility Business Model Executive Summit on Thursday, May 22 will be held on the boat M/S Mercorion, permanently docked outside The Brewery Conference Center on Lake Mälaren across from the iconic Stockholm City Hall.

Enjoy spectacular views of Stockholm's water front from the upper deck outdoor patio and the four inside conference rooms with state of the art event facilities. The New Utility Business Model Executive Summit will be a unique event experience on the water with boat traffic on one side and pedestrians and bicyclists on the other.

M/S Mercorion, The Brewery Conference Center, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, 104 62 Stockholm

The Executive Summit Opening Dinner will be held on Wednesday, May 21, at Fotografiska (Swedish Museum of Photography). Stroll from Hilton Slussen Stockholm Hotel along Stockholm's waterfront to Fotografiska and enjoy a private guided tour of the contemporary photography works before dining in Matsalen. 

Fotografiska, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 116 45 Stockholm, Sweden


Cleantech Group's hotel block at Hilton Stockholm Slussen Hotel is now full. 

We suggest that attendees check availability at the following nearby hotels.:

  • Hotel Rival - Walking distance from the The Brewery Conference Center and M/S Mercurion (main summit venue)
  • Hotel Scandic Malmen - Reasonable distance from the Brewery and close to Fotografiska as well (5 minutes in a taxi)

Stockholm is a relatively small capital city. If you choose to stay in any of the hotels near the central station (there are many in that area) you will a 5-10 minute taxi ride from the main venue. Stockholm also has a metro system connecting the Brewery with other parts of the city.

We also suggest to check out and for the best rates. If you have any questions, please contact


    Hilton Stockholm Slussen Hotel, Guldgränd 8, 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden,                          +46 8 517 353 00

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An executive summit for utilities, policymakers, and regulators

The utility industry is at a tipping point—utilities are facing higher customer expectations, increasing competition, and the rise of renewables and efficiency goals. Utilities aren’t just trying to keep up—they are looking to grow beyond commodity provision to develop deeper and more profitable relationships with their consumers.

To rise to that challenge, utilities may benefit from wholesale re-imagination of their business models. Meantime, policy makers and regulators seem open to going through something similar as the debate in Europe on what 2030 energy efficiency goals should be set is just beginning, as the realities of the potential shortfalls versus 2020 targets loom large.

All this makes 2014 a time that is ripe for utilities, policymakers, and regulators to come together and collaborate on innovative solutions for the utility industry, consumers and Europe’s energy efficiency goals.

Cleantech Group, in partnership with Opower, is hosting a 24 hour-long workshop in Stockholm from 21st –22nd May 2014 for a pan-European group that will share ideas and spark discussion on the new utility business model. Our provisional agenda is built around four discussion sessions, as follows:

1. The Energy Efficiency Directive, 2020 and beyond: preparing for a new wave of efficiency
2. The Future for European Utilities: the next phase of utility competition
3. Smart Meters: Optimizing the value through consumer engagement
4. Choice, channel and control: meeting rising customer expectations

This exclusive summit will have high-level executives from across the spectrum of energy stakeholders in Europe; it will also include a few ‘disruptive thinkers’ to facilitate innovative discussions.

The event is by invitation-only with no more than 30 places available.


Below is our provisional agenda for Wednesday, May 21st, and Thursday, May 22nd, 2014. We say provisional because we will align the agenda with feedback we receive from participants as they confirm—optimizing it for each person who attends. We encourage you to help us make these 24 hours as useful as possible.

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014



Closing session at Cleantech Forum EuropeThe Brewery Conference Center:

The 10 Year Track. The Future of Utilities in Europe

If Cleantech Group had to name one industrial company type where we expect to see significant and unpredictable change in the coming 10 years, we would name the Utilities – especially in Europe and especially in Germany. Because of policy, because of the drive towards renewables and distributed generation, and because so many areas of clean technology impact upon the Utility, radical change seems inevitable, but unpredictable. This session will assemble a variety of viewpoints (insiders and outsiders) to speculate on what the next 10 years might bring to the Utility business model in Europe.

As it is the final session of Cleantech Forum Europe, expect an informal format. The moderator will use conversation starters to spark the discussion, but all in the room will be welcome to join in the conversation, through the moderator.

Moderated by: Sheeraz Haji, CEO, Cleantech Group

Conversation Starters: 

Ines Bergmann, Principal, Technology & Innovation, E.ON 

Anna Gustavsson, Strategy, British Gas 

Hans Nilsson, Chairman of Sweden’s Association for Energy Efficiency Companies (EEF) & Advisor to the IEA DSM-Programme

Michael Sachse, SVP of Regulatory, Business Development, and General Counsel, Opower

Fonger Ypma, Senior Business Strategist, Consumer Division, Eneco

16:20-17:00Executive Summit Opening Reception

Opower is hosting the closing reception of the Cleantech Forum, so that all participants of the Summit can join the last content session of the Forum at 3:15 pm (the subject is deliberately relevant - The Future of Utilities) and the reception.


Summit Dinner and Private Tour at Fotografiska (Swedish Museum of Photography)

Stroll from the Brewery along Stockholm's waterfront to Fotografiska or meet us there at 18:15. Enjoy a private guided tour of the contemporary photography works before dining from 19:00 in Matsalen with more spectacular water views. 


Thursday, May 22nd, 2014


Arrival & Welcome Coffee at M/S Mercorion, The Brewery Conference Center


Welcomes, Participant Introductions & Objective Setting

We will kick off by spending some time getting to know everyone in attendance and an overall sense of their priorities and goals.


Roderick Morris, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Operations, Opower

Richard Youngman, Managing Director Europe & Asia, Cleantech Group


The Energy Efficiency Directive, 2020 and Beyond: Preparing for a New Wave of Efficiency 

As regulators work toward the transposition of the Energy Efficiency Directive in June, and plan for longer-term carbon and energy efficiency goals, the need to solidify country-level and utility-level energy efficiency strategies is becoming more and more urgent. Now is the time for a conversation on how we move forward together on a framework that works for policy-makers, regulators, utilities, and consumers alike. We’ll use this hour to look beyond the current context and re-imagine—drawing on energy efficiency best practices we see elsewhere, sharing our challenges with the status quo, and discussing our ideas on how they might be fixed.

Conversation Starters:

Nils Borg, Executive Director, ECEEE

Simon Hill, Regulatory Affairs EMEA, Opower


Richard Youngman, Managing Director Europe & Asia, Cleantech Group


Coffee Break


The Future for European Utilities: the Next Phase of Utility Competition

The first wave of utility competition has been characterized as a “race to the bottom” where customers are offered increasingly aggressive—and often misleadingly complex—tariff deals. The second wave will surely see the customer put first,andutilities concentrating on rebuilding consumer trust. In this session, we’ll ask: what are different utilities doing to evolve their customer strategies? What tools are they offering to meet their customer needs? What could policy-makers and regulators do to help pave the way for a more transparent and positive customer experience?

Conversation Starters:

Mike Halley, Vice President Europe, Opower


Sheeraz Haji, CEO, Cleantech Group




Smart Meters: Optimizing Value through Customer Engagement

Utilities are rolling out smart meters at an unprecedented pace. But many of these deployments have fallen short of their targets due to consumer indifference, skepticism, and even anger. As a result, utility executives around the world are finding that some of the biggest smart meter challenges aren’t actually technical—they’re behavioural. So what is the key to getting customer acceptance? How can utilities successfully bring the value of smart meters to the end users andrealize the value in their bottom lines? Where is the evidence of the power of behavioural change? And how can regulators help consumers benefit from these data?

Conversation Starters:

Philip Lewis, CEO, VaasaETT

Michael Sachse, SVP of Regulatory, Business Development, and General Counsel, Opower


Yakov Berenshteyn, Engagement Manager, Cleantech Group


Coffee Break


Choice, Channel, and Control: Meeting Rising Customer Expectations

Utility consumers are no longer comparing their energy experiences with those at other utilities. They’re comparing them to experiences from other industries and walks of life—conveniences like mobile alerts from phone providers,personalized recommendations from, and budgeting tools from their banks. So what about energy? How can utilities step up and meet customer expectations before other providers begin to encroach on their relationship?  And how can regulators create an environment that helps utilities meet these expectations?

Conversation Starters:

Sue Furnell, Strategist for the Connected Home, Furnell Consult

Mike Halley, Vice President Europe, Opower


Sheeraz Haji, CEO, Cleantech Group



Time for final words, impromptu meetings, contingency for run-over, and/or for people to catch 18:00+ flights home.


John Webster, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, EMEA, Opower

Richard Youngman, Managing Director Europe & Asia, Cleantech Group