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Feeding a projected 9 billion people globally by 2050 in a resource constrained world will require another agricultural revolution. 

With over $471 million in Venture Capital devoted to innovative Agriculture and Food solutions in the first half of 2014 alone, start-ups are emerging to tackle this challenge by offering sophisticated new technologies to improve yield and efficiency, and decrease environmental impact. And, corporations are taking notice. Since October 2013, we have witnessed Monsanto’s $930M acquisition of The Climate Corp., Farmlink’s $40M series B round and Airware’s $25M series B round.

In this webinar, Cleantech Group, Granular, and Precision Hawk:

  • Define the smart farm innovation landscape and investment trends
  • Provide an overview of emerging technologies, business models and applications
  • Showcase smart farm companies that have raised funding from high profile investors
  • Field questions on the future of the smart farm 

At the end of the webinar we offer tips on how to find more Ag companies and trends in i3.


Farming in the Cloud - Agriculture Meets the Internet of Things

Recording now available

Kerry Cebul
Cleantech Group

Adam Litle
VP, Business Development & Finance

Pat Lohman
Chief Operating Officer